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Teen Services

"Therapy can provide immediate relief

for both you and your child.

My goal is to help you determine the

root cause of your teen's struggles,

and provide you with

practical treatment options"


-Dr. Sam

During adolescence, teens commonly begin to seek independence and place more

emphasis on their peer relationships. They have the difficult task of building

their own identity as they try to figure out who they are and where they fit in the world.  

While teens are on their quest for independence and identity, they may make choices

about friends, their identity and schoolwork that create confusion and conflict

within your family.


Watching your child struggle, rebel or make poor decisions can cause you to

experience a great deal of anxiety, concern, frustration and fear.  

You may also experience sadness when your teen starts pulling away, gravitating

towards friends instead of family.

During this time, many families notice that communication strategies and routines

that used to work for a child are no longer

effective. The challenges of adolescence can be further compounded if your

teen is also experiencing a mood disorder, behavioral problems, life stressors,

ADHD or a learning disability.

Through therapy, we can determine the root cause of your teens struggles. As a team, we will work to overcome difficult issues, establish trust, and enable your teen to gain autonomy. 

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