My goal is to help my clients eventually become their own therapist. In doing so, ensuring they continue to succeed, long after therapy has ended.

My Approach

I am deeply committed to helping each of my clients reach their full potential and meet their specific treatment goals. My treatment approach is rooted in providing services that are effective and supported by research. I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) interventions to help alleviate symptoms quickly. My clinical work is also heavily enriched by scientific studies on self-compassion and resilience.

While I value evidenced based interventions, my approach is flexible. I am trained in psychodynamic, family systems, and interpersonal therapies and often incorporate several approaches throughout the treatment process.

Overall, I aim to provide a warm and safe environment for my clients and value building authentic connections built on trust and compassion.


I completed my undergraduate studies at Florida State University and received my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Florida School of Professional Psychology.  I have experience working at college counseling centers, community mental health centers, and residential programs for at risk teens.

When I'm not at the office you can find me cycling, playing volleyball at the beach, or hanging out with my one of my siblings, nieces and nephews.


Contact me today for your complimentary phone consultation and to talk more about how I can help you live the life you've always wanted. 


Meet my Teammates

Dr. Jennifer Latreill

Dr. Jenn is a postdoctoral resident under my supervision.  She specializes in helping children and teens with both emotional and developmental concerns. She has a gift of connecting with children, helping them feel comfortable. She has specialized knowledge in evaluations for Autism, attention and learning problems.


Message from Dr. Jenn 

My goal is to help my clients, who include school age children and teens, thrive and develop strong, positive perceptions of themselves and their relationships. My aim is to assist you or your family in developing a treatment plan that you are invested in and with the use of well researched therapy approaches, I look forward to working together in order to help you reach your goals, with the hope it will provide you with reprieve and peace.  

Dr. Patricia Russo 

Dr. Patty is a trusted colleague and friend. We met during our doctoral residency, where we learned about our shared passion for helping children/teens who are in pain, yet misunderstood as angry or oppositional. We work together as officemates and often collaborate to provide support in both individual and family therapy modalities.

Message from Dr. Patty:

With everything going on in today’s world it’s easy for families to lose their way. Managing daily responsibilities, keeping up with technology, and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle is a tough balancing act, and you’re not alone. I can offer help by providing guidance for children, teens, and families who are looking for support with life’s challenges and making positive changes.