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If you answered "yes" to one or more of the questions below...


I can help. 

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  • Have you noticed a sudden change in your teen's mood, school performance, or behavior? 

    • Do they often seem irritable/angry, or the inverse, have they become withdrawn? ​

    • Has your family recently experienced a change such as, a move, divorce, or loss? 

  • Does your teen seem self-critical, and overwhelmed by stress? ​

    • Does your teenager easily become embarrassed or self-conscious, subsequently withdrawing from social situations? 

    • Have they begun avoiding events or situations that trigger their anxiety? 

    • Are they high-achieving, yet plagued with feelings of inadequacy?

  • Are you worried that your teen may be sad, lonely, or experiencing feelings of hopelessness? 

    • Are you seriously concerned about your teen’s decision-making abilities, judgment or safety? 

  • Would you like to improve the trust between yourself and your teen? 

Teen Therapy
  • Are you worried your child may be struggling with anxiety or depression? 

    • Have you noticed behavioral or emotional changes in your child, such as irritability, moodiness or withdrawal?

    • Is your child highly self-critical or preoccupied with how others view him or her?

    • Does your child struggle with changes to routine or attempt to avoid situations that he or she perceives as stressful?

    • Do you wish you could help your child relax, have an easier time adjusting, and just be a kid?

  • Are you concerned about your child's behaviors? 

    • Does your child have difficulty tolerating disappointment, frustration or stress? Perhaps they throw tantrums or act out in aggressive or angry ways?

    • Is creating and maintaining healthy rules and boundaries for your child a constant uphill battle?

"Almost" Adults
  • Are you between 18-30(+) years old and feel unsure about the direction of your life?

  • Do you procrastinate on obligations or decisions or have trouble motivating yourself to get things done?

  • Do you have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships? Do you feel lonely, as if you don’t belong or feel like you are missing out?

  • Are you developing self-destructive behaviors as a way to cope with stress (e.g., overeating, excessive drinking, reckless spending)?

  • Are you feeling stuck, exhausted, or overwhelmed? 

  • Has a trauma, or significant life change left you feeling powerless and lost? 

  • Are you plagued with feelings of inadequacy despite all of your achievements? 

  • Have you noticed a disturbance in your ability to sleep regularly, appetite, or ability to function at work? 

  • Have you had a sudden loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed? Do you find yourself socially isolated? 


  • Are you seeking a warm and experienced LGBTQ+ affirmative therapist for yourself, child, or teen? 

  • Has your child recently come out to you? Are members of your family having trouble adjusting to or understanding your child’s LGBTQ+ identity? 

  • Have you or your child experienced discrimination or adversity?

  • Do you believe you need an advocate and experienced professional to help manage this stress?  

  • Are you a typically happy and healthy LGBTQ+ person looking for a supportive therapist to help you tackle issues not at all related to your sexuality or gender?

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