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Chilren's Services

Flower Bulb

"Therapy can provide immediate relief

for both you and your child.

My goal is to help you determine the

root cause of your child's struggles,

and provide you with

practical treatment options"


-Dr. Sam

Watching your child struggle can cause parents to

experience a great deal of anxiety, concern, frustration and fear.  

The services I provide children are incredibly personalized, taking into consideration their temperament, developmental stage and personal strengths. Parents are provided with concrete tools, skills and strategies for creating a family environment that best supports both you as a parent and your child. Your child will learn to recognize why they feel certain ways in different situations. They will learn words to label and share their feelings in a constructive manner, while also developing skills to manage frustration, stress and disappointment.

Through therapy, we can determine the root cause of your child's struggles. As a team, we will work to overcome difficult issues, establish trust, and enable your child to reach their potential & enjoy life. 

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