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LGBTQ+ Services


all are safe. 

all are welcome. 

all are equal. 

LGBTQ+ people face discrimination directly and subtly 

through microaggressions and non-verbal messages

suggesting LGBTQ+ identity is unacceptable or different. 

In the psychology world, we call this

chronic/toxic stress AKA trauma.

It has been linked to increased suicide rates,

substance use and lower quality of life.

Even further, society then stigmatizes these impacts of

discrimination, promoting the false idea that being gay causes

negative health outcomes. 

For this reason, LGBTQ+ affirmative counseling is most benifical,

even if the reason for seeking treatment has nothing to do with

sexuality or gender identity. 

I proudly provide affirmative therapy while respecting that the LGBTQ+ aspect of 

identity is but just one part of a person.

I am here to support and help you feel more affirmed

about who you already know you are.

And if you are not sure how you identify yet, that’s okay,

and pretty darn normal, too!

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