Let go of the past & stop worrying about the future. 


Learn to live for



Quiet negative thoughts so  you can relax and be present. 

Trauma Recovery

Build resilience and regain control over your life.

Toxic Stress

Uncover the root of your stress and learn to manage life’s challenges like a pro.

Life Transitions 

Feeling stuck? Change doesn't have to be miserable. 

Relationship Concerns

Learn how to love deeply, with the courage to be intimate and skills to nuture your relationship. 


Let go of shame and guilt. Learn to love yourself. 

Self - Esteem 

Learn to love and respect yourself by replacing shame with compassion.



Learn to achieve success, without misery

Behavioral Health

Stop unwanted behaviors by understanding what they are being used to hide from.

Women's Issues

A feminist approach identifies societal pressures that contribute to mental health problems and inspires empowerment. 

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Dr. Samantha Brustad, Psy.D. 

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